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The ‪‎tulip‬ fields are in bloom again!

The ‎tulip‬ fields are in bloom again. Of course you can visit the #Keukenhof, but you can also ‪‎walk‬ through with #HikeinHolland. For example with the ‪‎hiking‬ ‪‎package‬: ‎Ancient‬ ‎towns‬ and ‪‎Dunes.

Cycling and Walking Exhibition 27 and 28 of februari 2016 in Antwerpen

Come and meet us, Hike in Holland (Stand 1.c71) tomorrow or Sunday in Antwerp on the cycling and walking exhibition! For more information go to Cycling and Walking exhibition Antwerpen. Till tomorrow or sunday!

Rotterdam in the top 5 of cities in the Lonely Planet you must have seen!

We from Hike in Holland already knew it, but now also Lonely Planet has put Rotterdam at number 5 in its top 10 of cities you must have seen! The coincidence is that we have some great hiking trips, which visit Rotterdam. With our trip […]

TourNatur breaks 40,000 mark Trend sport: hiking at any altitude

Closing Sunday after three days, the 13th TourNatur 2015 showcased hiking as a new trend sport. Soaring in demand aren’t just high-altitude mountain tours anymore but increasingly also hikes through local mid-altitude uplands or destinations near cities, such as the Neander Valley or the Lower […]

Lovely hike through the parks of The Hague

Yesterday we walked the third hike for our new centred trip Scheveningen: The parks of the Hague. A beautiful hike through a lot of parks the city of The Hague is rich. One more to go.

Delft, City of Delft Blue

The new tour Delft city of Princes, is available from today! We are proud to bring you this new tour. In 4 days you’ll get to know the historical city of Delft and its surroundings. Hiking in and around this town is just marvelous. We […]

Partytime: 10% discount on your booking with Hike in Holland

More information about our trips, more answers to your questions and more photographs of our wonderful hiking trips. Now also pricing for solo walkers and indications whether taking your dog is an option. In short, our website has been improved and renewed. Take a look […]

New Hikingtour

On our way between Lekkerkerk and Rotterdam (22 km) for our new walkingholiday: “In het footsteps of Erasmus” (3 days). We expect this hinkingtour this summer. Do you want to hike for more days (selfguided) now, look for the options on:

Easter, Ascension and Pentecost, enjoy Hiking in Holland!

The wonderful period of Easter, Ascentions and Pentecost is arriving again. Some extra vacation days, spring is in the air. This is the time to book your short or longer hiking trip in Holland and enjoy the beautiful nature and culture that Holland has to […]

Beautiful birds around Delft!

Wonderful hike around Delft. We saw some wonderful birds! A selection.