The wonderful period of Easter, Ascentions and Pentecost is arriving again. Some extra vacation days, spring is in the air. This is the time to book your short or longer hiking trip in Holland and enjoy the beautiful nature and culture that Holland has to offer. Hike in Holland offers you multiple self-guided Hiking trips which allow you to do just that.

How about our 2 days trip Witches and Syrupwaffles, which takes you through the Green heart of Holland. Or if you like smell the sea, have a look at our 2 day trip Northsea and screaming seagulls, walking between Scheveningen and Katwijk.

If you have more time, and want to enjoy a bustling modern city with lots of modern architecture, then have look at our trip City of Rotterdam, 2 days of walking in nature, and one day in modern Rotterdam and a day in ancient Delft.

If you have a full week at your disposal we offer you several trips. Some of the through the polders of the Green heart, others through the dunes and old cities like Leiden and Delft. There is something to see here for everyone.

For more detailed information, check our site or call Hike in Holland for a personal recommendation: +31 61013 5509.