Our hiking trips make use of roads and paths that are part of the public road network. That makes it special, however, we also have to deal with changes to the network.

We are always trying to keep up with all these changes, and in a busy country like the Netherlands, that keeps us busy! Though we do find almost all changes in time for your walk, and even when we do miss it, there are always helpful people around to help you further.

Once we’ve found a change in the network, then the fixing part starts. We have to find out what exactly changes, if we can still use our route with some changes in the description, whether it is still an attractive route, orĀ  whether we have to find an alternative route. Often a new alternative route is even better than the original since still new paths and nature areas are being built, and we can make use of those.

The last change we made was in our Ancient towns and dunes tour where they’re making a new exit on the highway, exactly on the location where we were crossing it. That means not only a very unnatractive rout during the road works, but a noisy exit with a new four lane road next to our route. So we had to find a whole new route between Leiden and Zoetermeer. We managed to find a new route here, which we think is even more attractive than the original one.

So Is change always a bad thing? No it is not. Sure, it costs time, but sometimes you find out about new paths, new nature areas, or other attractive parts of the country, and you actually find an ever nicer route than the previous one.

So, next up is Nijmegen, where the works have actually finished, and we’re sure we can make the route into Nijmegen better….