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Stichting Take Over Vereniging van Kleinschalige Reisorganisaties
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Newsletter, April 2019

In this newsletter, an up-date on our new to devolp hiking tour, some facts about sheep and some advice about how to make your buisness trip to the Netherlands even more pleasant! Read all about in our Newsletter, April 2019.

Newsletter Hike in Holland, February 2019

In this Newsletter: The Golden Age, Rembrandt, Walk to your Work Day and Market Garden, 75 years!  

In de februari nieuwsbrief van de Vereniging voor Kleinschalige Reisbureaus

De Vereniging voor Kleinschalige Reisbureaus (VvKR). Via hen is Hike in Holland aangesloten bij STO. De garantie dat je wandelvakantie altijd doorgaat! We staan met een leuk artikeltje in de Nieuwsbrief VvKR februari 2019.

New Tour: The estates of South-Holland

This new 9 day walking tour was especially designed foe people who do like to hike, but for who our regular 20 km per day is just a bit too much. On this tour the length of the walks is between 12 and 15 km

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance

Our hiking trips make use of roads and paths that are part of the public road network. That makes it special, however, we also have to deal with changes to the network. We are always trying to keep up with all these changes, and in

A new trip: Along the Ducth Waterline

We offer you a new trip, that truly  lives up to our slogan: Enjoy the nature and culture of Holland, maybe more than most of our other trips. The Dutch Waterline is a 17th century line of defense, which was extended and widened in the

Windmills of Kinderdijk

Visit the World UNSECO site The Windmills of Kinderdijk, our newest possibility!

Our last newsletter from 2017: the World UNSECO site The Windmills of Kinderdijk, our newest possibility!

klanten vanuit heel de wereld

Where do our customers come from?

Our customers do come from all over the word. We have had customers form the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France, the Neterlands and even from Australia. They all enjoyed during their hiking the beautiful nature and unique culture of Holland.


Ideas for new trips?

Shortly we’ll start working on a new trip. The question is where, and will there be a special theme. That’s up to you as well!. If you have an excellent idea on where we should offer a new trip, let us know, and who knows,