Pieter De Hooch is a Dutch painter from the Golden Age who lived in Delft. In his Delft days he painted genre paintings with people eating, drinking and making music. Later, he mainly captured peaceful interiors with women. It is striking that he almost always depicts a tile pattern on the floor, so that his command of the line perspective becomes clear. Moreover, the depth of the paintings is almost always enhanced by a glimpse outside, to a courtyard, or to another room in the house. In the view it is always lighter than in the room in the foreground. One of his more famous works is a courtyard in Delft. In the context of the Golden Age, we have succeeded in putting together a beautiful exhibition in the Prinsenhof Museum. The exhibition; from the shadow of Vermeer runs from October 11, 2019 to February 16, 2020. A nice extra reason to come to Delft. You can then visit this exhibition at the beginning or end of e.g. the walking tour: Old Towns and dunes or during the location arrangement: Delft, the city of Delft Blue. We look forward to seeing you!