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Test your knowledge of Holland puzzle

In these times it is difficult to visit Holland and go hiking. Also we’ve noticed a lot of people have time to spare. So we’ll let you do a virtual visit to the Netherlands in the shape of a puzzle. We’ve made up some difficult and some less difficult questions. You may need to do some googling to find the answers. From every answer you’ll need one letter to make up the final solution. If you manage to find it, and you want to know whether it’s correct, or you want a place in our hall of fame, let us know your answer.

Unfortunately, there are no prizes to win. You can imagine, that without any bookings this year, our resources are a bit limited. However, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. We do hope you have som fun with it!

Question 1

We’ll start with an easy question.

Holland is well known for this type of flower, however, visit in early spring, if you want to see them in the wild.

We need the second letter of this name





Question 2

Also not too difficult yet.

We’re not after the fish that’s being eaten here, but after the bird.

We need the first letter of the English name for this bird






Question 3

Now we’ll test your google abilities.

As you may see, this map is of one of Holland’s old towns. The shape of the water and road, built like a fortress tell you that.

However, which town, that features in 2 of our hiking trips is shown in this map?

We need the first letter of the name of this town




Question 4

A question about Dutch food, haute cuisine!

Movie lovers may know the answer to this question from the first few minutes of Pulp fiction.

What do the Dutch typically eat their fries with?

We need the third letter of this delicacy.




The solution consists of two words. You’ve already finished the first word! Kudos to you!

However, the second word is longer. On the positive side, more puzzles!

Question 5

One of the wonderful estates you can find in Holland.

What you see in the picture is an “Old Dutch Garden”, but there’s also a Japanese garden in this estate.

What is the name of this estate. We need the 8th letter in the name (or the 4th from the end)

When you visit, the tea house has excellent pie!




Question 6

What you see here is the church tower of Delft, hometown of Hike in Holland. Although it is 108 meters in height, it is only second on the list.

In which town can you find the highest church tower of the Netherlands. We need the first letter of this wonderful town.

And yes, Hike in Holland visits this town as well.







Question 7

Ah, those polders. If there’s anything typical Dutch when hiking it’s them. Large parts of Holland consist of this artificial land. After all, there is a saying: “God created the world, but the Dutch created the Netherlands”. In the long term however, will they withstand the rising of the sea level?

That is not the question we want you to answer here. We are curious whether you know how many polders there are (approximately) in the Netherlands. Fill in the letter of your choice.

  • a. 500
  • b. 1500
  • c. 3000
  • d. 10.000

Question 8

When you talk about polders, the next thing you need to talk about are the windmills. Though nowadays we use less elegant machinery to keep the polders dry, the windmills used to do a lot of the heavy work, though they did serve other purposes as well. A lot of them have disappeared, but there’s still plenty of them around.

On some of our walks we visit a Unesco World heritage site with a lot of windmills. We need the last letter of the village the site is named after.





Question 9

Hmm, an aerial photo, tricky. Maybe some hints are neccessary.

As you can see, this is an old fortress, and it is not a very large town.

The town is located on an “Island”, just southwest of Rotterdam and yes, you can sleep in this town on one of our tours.

We need the third letter (or the fourth, we’re flexible here).





Question 10

We’re always happy when we see this little fellow, and you get to see him quite often in Holland, so this is an easy question for you.

We want the second to last letter of the English name of this little bird.







Question 11

Some wonderful Konik Horses in this picture. They roam wild in several nature areas in the Netherlands.

The question is however not about the horses, but about the bridge you see behind it.

This bridge crosses one of the many rivers that had to be crossed during operation Market Garden.

Which big town is on the left side of the bridge in this picture. We need the first letter



Question 12

Gouda cheese

We’re getting towards the end. An easy question this time.

This town in the Green Heart of Holland is famous for its Syrup Waffles and something you may recognise in the picture.

Take the first letter of this town’s name.





Final question

If you’ve ever visited Holland in spring, you must have seen all the yellow flowers in the meadows, along the paths, on the dikes, virtually everywhere. It is a very clear message that spring is starting and winter is definitely over!

We need the 5th letter of the English name of this plant.






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