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Amsterdam differently

  • Destination: Amsterdam
  • Kind of trip: You'll make 4 wonderful hikes through the center of Amsterdam and the wonderful green surroundings of the city
  • Duration: 2 to 4 days
  • Difficulty trip:
  • Inclusive: Two, three or four nights in a comfortable 3 star hotel, including breakfast, maps, route descriptions and GPS routes, city tax and a small fee for the warranty fund.
  • Exclusive: Travel to and from Amsterdam, lunch, dinner, parking (parking is expensive in Amsterdam!), public transport for few of the walks and travel insurance
  • Dog: Not allowed
  • Price:
    • Prices for this tour are on request. Due to the extreme changes in prices of hotels in Amsterdam, it is impossible for us to give a fixed price for this tour. Early booking is adviced and can result in a more favorable price.

During this trip we’ll show you many different aspects of Amsterdam. Of course we’ll take you along the famous canals, through the old city center, along many of the sights, which you can view together with the other tourists. Apart from that however, we also take you through the green belt that you can find around Amsterdam. We’ll walk through the Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam woords), an old very big park, with many a stately tree and picturesque ponds and we’ll take you along a village of houseboats. Another day we’ll guide you through Het Twiske, a nature area with large water bodies and large areas with reeds. Nature very typical for this part of Holland. From there you can walk back into Amsterdam along an old canal. On your final day we’ll take you along the Amstel, the river that gave Amsterdam its name. From the Amstel we’ll take you through some urban areas of Amsterdam and a little more through the city center to make the experience complete.


In this tour we show you more of Amsterdam than the average tourist will see. In your city walk you  may trip over other tourists, but on you other walks you’ll meet real people from Amsterdam. And we’ll show you that Amsterdam is a very green city as well. Of course, an extension to this trip is adviceable to see some of the sights or museums in more detail, or to shop till you drop. Some of the walks we take you to your starting point with public transport to the outskirts of town, which gives you more options to see things while walking back to the city centre. The length of the walks is always under the 20km, so there is always time to have a look at things you meet along the route, or just to enjoy some vacation time relaxing after your walks with a nice drink. The combination of the Amsterdam as we know it, the canals, the wonderful houses along the canals, combined with the green nature areas you’ll visit on this tour will make it a unique Amsterdam visit.

Day to Day

Amsterdamse Bos

Amsterdam woods

Walk through the Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam woods) (18 km)

From the starting location of the walk, the well-known Leidscheplein, you’ll take a direct tram to Amstelveen, a suburb of Amsterdam. You’ll exit the tram at the final stop, and through some parks and quiet streets you walk to the Amsterdamse Bos. This is a large green area (it’s to big to just call it a park), where walking is really nice. The trees are old and big, the ponds and canals reflect the light beautifully and the open areas in between make the area complete. After walking through the woods for a few hours, you’ll exit it at the north side. You’ll walk to a village of houseboats and a sluice over a canal. You’ll follow this canal for a while, until you cross it and walk back to the starting point through the Vondelpark, a park named after our most famous poet.
Flower market

Amsterdam flower market

City walk of Amsterdam (11 km)

Today you’ll walk through Amsterdam City center. We designed a route that takes you along most of the famous sights, and still is a little bit different. Take in account that it is impossible to do the whole center in one day (we’ll see some more on day 4 though). We’ll take you along the famous canals with the beautiful mansions, we’ll lead you through the old quarter Jordaan, which used to be for the poor, but now is the place to live. We’ll take you over the Dam square, along the flower market, the Rembrandt square with its terraces, shortly through the red light district, etc. Though this is the shortest walk of the four, it might be the toughest one because of the many stops you’ll make along the route. It will however definitely be worth your while.
Het Twiske

Het Twiske

Through Het Twiske (19 km)

Today you’ll take the bus to the north of Amsterdam. The walk starts in the town of Puremerend. From there you’ll immediately enter some typical Dutch polders with endless views and often beautiful skies. This polder brings you to Het Twiske. This is a nature area, where water bodies, reed lands, and open areas predominate the view. This is typical Dutch nature and it is a wonderful area to walk through. It’s almost a pity that we have to leave this area at some point. Through the village of Landsmeer and some more polder we walk to the Noord-Hollands Kanaal (Canal of North-Holland), which we can follow all the way back to Amsterdam Central station. The canal is surrounded by nature which makes it a very enjoyable walk back. With a free ferry you can go back to Amsterdam Central station where you can make your way back to your hotel.

The river Amstel

Along the river Amstel (18 km)

Today we’ll take the tram to Amstelveen, from where we walk swiftly out of town, through a polder to arrive at the river Amstel. We follow this meandering river for a while, where we shortly leave it to walk through the peculiar Amstel Park. A little later we leave the Amstel to take you through some typical Amsterdam boroughs and parks and arrive at the city center. We’ll lead you along the famous flea market on the Waterloo square, over the Magere Brug (a famous drawbridge), along museum Hermitage back to the Amstel. We’ll follow the Amstel for a little while again, until we take you back to the Leidscheplein again.

Advice for extension

There is ample room for extending this trip. There are many museums in Amsterdam (the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Hermitage, Eye Filmmuseum). You can shop for days, there is a wonderful Zoo Artis, and so much more (just look in any guide book). Apart from that Amsterdam is also a good place to visit some sights in the surroundings of the city, like the windmills of the Zaanse Schans, Volendam and Marken. If the weather is particularly nice, even a visit to the beach of Zandvoort is not that far from the city. In shore, plenty of reasons to extend for few days and enjoy Amsterdam a little more.

Prices extension:
Town 2 persons 1 person
Amsterdam TBD TBD


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