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Delft, City of Delft Blue

  • Destination: Delft
  • Kind of trip: You walk through the beautiful nature surrounding Delft and you enjoy the Dutch history and culture of Delft
  • Duration: 4 days and 4 nights
  • Difficulty trip:
  • Inclusive: Four nights in a comfortable 3 star hotel, including breakfast, maps, route descriptions and GPS routes. Free parking, city tax, a small fee for the warranty fund, a coupon for Royal Delft, and a small contribution to the foundation for supporting the landscape of the province Zuid-Holland
  • Exclusive: Travel to and from Delft, lunch, dinner, tram fee and travel insurance
  • Dog: Not allowed
  • Price:
    • Due to the high inflation, we unfortunately cannot give fixed prices. If the price is higher after booking, you have the possibility to cancel your trip. The prices quoted here are an approximation as good as possible.
    • € 369,- per person based on 2 people per room
    • € 569,- per person based on 1 person per room
    • If you want more or less nights, see the prices below in the extension part for extra nights or less nights
    • Are there more than 4 of you please contact Hike in Holland for pricing

From Delft you’ll walk for 2 days in the wonderful nature around the town. One day you’ll walk to the east of Delft through the nature areas Delftse Hout and Balijbos, a landscape that is partly open, partly filled with groves, lakes and small waterways. Your second walk takes you through the nature of Midden-Delfland, a traditional agricultural peat area. You’ll follow a canal for a while and walk through the meadows on gravel and grass paths. The third walk takes you from Delft to the beach resort Scheveningen. You’ll pass right through the Hague city center, and will travel back by tram.  Your final walk is a city walk around the historical city center of Delft. It will take you along the many highlights of the town, like both the new and old church, with its crooked tower, the beautiful market square and the old canals. You can switch the order of the walks as you please, but to give you an impression we have a proposal for a day to day program.

We offer the tour for four nights, but of course you can stay longer or shorter as you desire.


Delft is a city that combines two extremes. There is the historical city center, with its ties to the Kings and Queens of the Netherlands (both for marriages and burials, they visit Delft), and to the painter Vermeer, who was born here, and then there is the famous Delft Blue Porcelain. On the other side there is the Technical University, that is a leader in may technological areas.  As an example there is the solar car Nuna that has won the world Solar Challenge a few times. In short, this is a town that has much to offer. On top of that the city is surrounded by some unique nature. To the east there is the forest like areas of Delftse Hout and Balijbos, to the South there is Midden-Delfland, a combination of agricultural land and nature, and then the beach is within a day’s walk. There’s even plenty of fauna in the area. Many a rare bird  breeds or feeds in the area. You can see Spoonbills, Egrets and Herons, Storks, Lapwings and many a wader. In short, plenty of reasons to visit the town and its surroundings.

Day to Day

The old church in Delft

An old Canal with view on the Old Jan

Day 1 Arrival in Delft and city walk (6 km)

Today you’ll arrive in Delft, and if you have enough time, you will immediately start enjoying this historical town. You’ll arrive at your hotel in the town center where you can park your car for the next days. After you’ve settled in your room, you can start with your city walk. This leads along many of Delft’s highlights. You’ll walk along the canals, visit small hidden courtyards, pass the new church with its tower of over a 100 meters, the old church with its tower that seems to be falling down, and you’ll pass many a place to sit down and enjoy a drink or something to eat, like the big market square, the more covert Beestenmarkt or the Doelensquare in front of your hotel.
De Vliet in Delft

The Vliet

Day 2 Delft – Scheveningen (19 km)

Today you’ll walk towards beach resort Scheveningen. You’ll leave Delft along a canal that connects Delft with the Hague. This takes you into the center of the Hague, along the working palace of the king (Noordeinde), over the Binnenhof, where the parliament resides, and along the Peace Palace, where the international court of justice resides. Through some old parks you’ll continue to Scheveningen, where you can relax on the Boulevard, enjoy the sea breeze, before you take direct tram back Delft.
Natur in der Nähe von Delft

A little lake on the way to Zoetermeer

Day 3 Walkabout to the east Delft (20 km)

Today you’ll walk around in the area in between Delft and Zoetermeer. You’ll leave your hotel and then walk out of Delft in a few minutes where you enter natural area Delftse Hout. You’ll walk along a small waterway, some forest and then will enter the Balijbos, an alternation of woodland and open areas will await you here. Close to Zoetermeer you’ll reach your turning point. After passing through the outskirts of the village of Pijnacker, you’ll enter a third natural area, Bieslandse Bos, where you may find a flock of Spoonbills in season. After that you’ll arrive at Delft again, where you’ll swiftly arrive at your hotel.
Polder near Delft

Abwoudtse Polder

Day 4 Walkabout south of Delft (18 km)

Today you’ll walk through the peat area of Midden-Delfland, a natural oasis between the cities of Delft and Rotterdam. You’ll take the tram for a few minutes to exit Delft. You’ll start your walk through the Abtswoudsebos, an area with lots of water, groves and small paths, that will eventually take you to the Rijn-Schie Canal, which connects Delft and Rotterdam. You’ll follow this until you reach the village of Kandelaar. Then you’ll enter Midden-Delfland, a wonderful open natural area. We take you on a path straight through the meadows and conclude with a grass path that takes you back to Delft. The whole day you can see many different birds (and if not, you can at least see some birdwatchers), so keep your eyes open. And time to go home.

Advice for extension

Of course you can stay a little bit longer in Delft. There are a few museums worth a visit, climbing the tower of the New Church is a challenge. Of course you want to know how Delft Blue is being made, and a tour through the canals is unmissable. Besides all that, Delft is also a good starting point to visit cities like Rotterdam, Leiden, The Hague or Gouda. Even Amsterdam is just a train ride of 45 minutes away. And with good weather there is the direct tram to the beach!

Prices extension:
Town 2 persons 1 person
Delft €80,- € 130-

Price is per person per night and includes breakfast and tourist taxes.


This offer is covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant’s.

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