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In the tracks of Operation Market Garden (3)

  • Destination: Gelderland (Groesbeek – Nijmegen - Elst) in east Holland
  • Kind of trip: We roughly follow the tracks of the allied forces of Operation Market Garden, which liberated this part of the Netherlands. The route goes through the woods, polders, across rivers, and through villages and cities. This is the final part of the route.
  • Duration: 5 days (4 nights)
  • Difficulty trip:
  • Inclusive: Four overnight stays in comfortable 3 star hotels including breakfast, luggage transport, maps and English route directions, GPS tracks, free parking, VAT, tourist taxes and Guarantee Foundation.
  • Exclusive: The outward and homeward journey, lunch, and travel and cancellation insurance
  • Dog: Not allowed
  • Price:
    • Due to the high inflation, we unfortunately cannot give fixed prices. If the price is higher after booking, you have the possibility to cancel your trip. The prices quoted here are an approximation as good as possible.
    • € 465,- per person based on 2 people (€ 35,- per person per day surcharge for luggage transport in the weekend)
    • € 735,- per person when travelling alone (€ 70,- per day surcharge for luggage transport in the weekend)
    • Are there more of you please contact Hike in Holland for pricing
    • If you don't need the lugagge transportation, there is a disount of € 60,- per person by 2 persons
    • If you don't need the lugagge transportation, there is a discount of € 120,- by 1 person.

This hiking trip takes you along the last part of our operation Market Garde route. You’ll start your walk in Groesbeek, and in three walks you’ll make your way to Arnhem. On arrival in Groesbeek, if you have time, it might be a good idea to visit the National Liberation Museum, right next to your hotel, which has a lot of information on Market Garden. Going further north, the landscape changes quite quickly. You start out in an area with woods and hills, and at the end of your first day you have already walked into the typical Dutch polders, while you finish in the bustling city of Nijmegen. On your second day you’ll enter the riverland as it is called in Dutch. You are crossing the south arm of the Rhine (here called the Waal), and you follow it for a while before going northward towards the north arm of the Rhine (called Nederrijn here). You will not reach that on the second day, but after a night in the town of Elst, you’ll walk through polders and orchards to the Rhine. We’ll follow this great river through some nature areas until we reach Arnhem, where you can take the elevator up the 100 meters high church tower to overlook your walks of the last 3 days before you settle in your hotel.


This is the third and also final part, that follow the tracks of operation Market Garden, the combined Airborne (Market) and land (Garden) attack of the allied forces on this part of the Liberation route in 1944. The advantage we have, is that we’ll actually make it to Arnhem without too much trouble. On your last walk you’ll walk across the heavily contested John Frost bridge into Arnhem. Before that you’ll start with a walk from Groesbeek to Nijmegen through woods and hills, and along a beautifully located war cemetary. Then you walk down into the Ooijpolder, a typical Dutch polder, and along the river Waal into Nijmegen. From Nijmegen you’ll make your way towards Elst. We walk through the old city center, along the river Waal, through some small villages like Slijk-Ewijk and Valburg, and will then arrive in Elst. On the final day you’ll walk through the village of Driel, where the Polish soldiers played a big part. You’ll walk along the Rhine, and through the nature area of Meinerswijk into Arnhem city center to end the walk.

Day to Day

War cemetry near Groesbeek

Canadian War Cemetary near Groesbeek

Day 1 Arrival in Groesbeek

After arrival in Groesbeek, you can make a visit to the National liberation museum, which is right next to your hotel. The museum shows the run towards the war, shows your life during the occupation. You’ll celebrate the liberation, and you’ll see how a destroyed Europe was rebuilt. Through films, audio fragments, smells, interactive presentations, diorama’s and photographs you’ll have an interactive experience. A visit to this museum makes your hiking trip more impressive.

Footpath between Groebeek and Nijmegen

Day 2 Groesbeek – Nijmegen (18 km)

On your first walking day you’ll make a wonderful walk to Nijmegen. After a beautiful woodland path you’ll arrive quickly at the beautifully located Canadian War Cemetary. After this impressive intermezzo, you’ll enter some lanes through farm and woodland to come to a hilly area, where you climb the Duivelsberg (Devil’s mountain). On top there is a wonderful view of the polders and Germany. Then you descend into the polders. You’ll follow a picturesque little stream and will pass the little church of Persingen. Eventually you’ll pass a bird-rich area near the lake Oude Waal, and the suddenly you’re in Nijmegen, and you’ll find your hotel along the river Waal.

Little church of Slijk - Ewijk

Day 3 Nijmegen - Elst (21 km)

You’ll start your day with a city walk through Nijmegen. You’ll pass the old city hall, some nice squares, and then you’ll descend again towards the river, which you’ll cross in two steps. In the middle you’ll walk on the island Veur Lent for a while. After that you’ll follow the river Waal for a while, with a small walkabout through the Oosterhout estate. Near the white church of Slijk-Ewijk you’ll exit the river and walk into the countryside, which is a mixture of orchards, grasslands here. You’ll pass an area with lakes and through the village of Valburg you’ll reach Elst, where you’ll find your hotel in the town center.

Nature Area Meinerswijk

Day 4 Elst – Arnhem (20 km)

This is the last stage of this trip, and also the end of the Market Garden operation. You’ll exit Elst into the polders in the land between two rivers. Along some small roads you’ll arrive in the village of Driel, where you educate yourself on the presence and activities of Polish soldiers during Market Garden. You’ll arrive at the river Rhine, which we’ll follow in the direction of Arnhem. We’ll make some detours off the river dike, and just before Arnhem we’ll pass through the nature area of Meinerswijk, which is a floodplain, where you can find Konik horses and Galloway cows. Eventually we’ll cross the heavily contested John Frost bridge, and through Arnhem city center and several war monuments, you’ll reach your hotel.

Sabelspoort in Arnhem

Day 5 Journey home

Today you can sleep in, maybe visit some of the sights of Arnhem, or do some shopping in the town center. After that it's time to travel back home.

Advice for extension

Of course you can extend this trip by adding one or two of the other parts of our Market Garden trips. Part 1 in the south is from Valkenswaard to Veghel, and part 2 is from Veghel to Groesbeek. You can also extend the trip itself. Nijmegen is a lively city where there is always plenty to do. The same can be said for Arnhem, and from Arnhem, you might visit the Airborne museum in nearby Oosterwijk, or visit National Park de Hoge Veluwe, which is just around the corner

Prices extension:
City 2 persons 1 person
Groesbeek €70,- €120,-
Nijmegen €65,- €125,-
Elst €60,- €105,-
Arnhem €85,- €150,-

This is for one night and includes VAT and breakfast (diner is not included).


This offer is covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant’s.

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