De Lek bij JaarsveldSee! Your chance to get acquainted with Hike in Holland. Win a two days hiking arrangement “Birdwatching in the floodplains”. This short hiking vacation, takes you along the floodplains of the river Lek, along polder paths, and through beautiful wetlands between the old cities of Schoonhoven and IJsselstein. This is a great walk, that takes you along the river Lek for quite a while (on the dike and through the floodplains). On your way back you’ll take a beautiful grass path through the natural area Willeskop, an area that proves that new nature actually works. There are numerous birds, and many a rare plant, like orchids, water soldiers and loosestrifes. Especially in spring the area is filled with colour. In summer the wetland is bustling with birds, like the Blue throats, Reed Warblers, Reed Buntings. Even the Water Rail or Bittern may show itself.