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Stichting Take Over Vereniging van Kleinschalige Reisorganisaties

About us

Lekker wandelen


We are Peer Molenaar and Rie Schenkelaars. We have over more than 25 years of experience in hiking; both in the Netherlands and abroad. Hiking is our way of relieving stress after a busy period of working and living. This enables us to relax and enjoy the small things Mother Nature has to offer, such as beautiful flowers or the singing of birds. On the other hand, nature never seizes to impress us with its larger aspects such as the panoramas, beaches and the sea.The cities put all of this back into perspective, and the urban nature is interesting as well. Every town’s history is filled with exciting stories which are always nice to discover. We believe that it is important to enjoy life. Enjoying life means we enjoy a good rest and a nice meal after our hikes. We believe it is important to offer a large amount of choices and possibilities because not everyone has the same taste.


We took our own walking experience as an example to map out hiking trips which are not just challenging, beautiful and inspiring, but highly enjoyable as well. To make it as enjoyable as possible we will transport your luggage on holidays longer than three days (if you wish so), so all you need is a light backpack for the day. Furthermore we walked, explored and described the routes ourselves. Peer excels at mapping out beautiful routes and has a fascination for maps in general, and Rie has a fascination for making nature photo’s. We hope the hiking trips that we made entertain and inspire you as much as they entertain and inspire us. And finally, we hope you enjoy your hike and holidays.