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What do our hikers think of our tours?

“The routes were nice, the hotels were very great, the food in all the hotels very very tasty and the people very helpful and friendly!”

Simone and Jurri, Germany, September 2017,Tour of Voorne



along the river Vlist“Yes, hiking in Holland was wonderful!!!  It was very beautiful and entertaining. The route was very well planned, and since I am very visual, I only relied on the map. We had a great time and got to know Holland very well. Thank you and hope to join you on another trip!”

Anna and Andrew, California, United StatesAugust 2017, The Green Heart of Holland


“My daughter Lucia and I have just come back home from our hiking through old towns and dunes. Everything worked out very well, including the – I guess unusual – wonderful weather, which stayed the all week long! Not a single drop of rain during our whole hiking! Your instructions are very detailed, and it was a great fun following both maps and instructions… it looked like a giant treasure hunt! The whole experience has been great! Your country is so beautiful and peaceful! We spotted birds, animals, amazing landscapes… Thank you!


Daniela and Lucia, Italy, August 2017 Ancient towns and dunes


“We completed our hike and everything went perfectly.  The hotels were all very nice, and we really enjoyed the walking routes and villages along the way. “bewölkten Himmel

Wini and Warren, Canada, August 2017The Green Heart of Holland



“We had a lovely weeks walking, discovering this beautiful part of Holland – very varied, with walking through parks, poulders, villages , sand dunes and the beach, and including visits to beautiful cities like Delft. Hiking in Hollands organisation was excellent, with comfortable and interesting walking routes, good hotels and effortless transfer of luggage.  Would thoroughly recommend Hiking in Holland.” Photo by Maggi Stewart.


Maggi and Colin, United Kingdom, June 2017, Ancient towns and dunes


 “We very much liked walking in a continuous circuit between interesting places with distances that suited us, walking on the grassy paths/tracks by rivers, along canals and through nature reserves. We liked the many birds, especially all the waterbirds with their chicks and the profusion of spring flowers. We also liked buying fresh bread and local cheeses for a picnic lunch each day and always finding a picnic bench/table in an attractive place just when we wanted a break. We thought there was a high proportion of walking on hard surfaces such as asphalt because parts of the route are on cycle tracks, pavements and small roads, which can be a bit hard on older knees and feet. We were also happy with the service provided by Hike in Holland. In particular the route notes, when combined with the maps, were very clear and we were never in doubt about where to go. The tourist information in the notes was sufficient. The hotels were welcoming, comfortable and well placed in relation to the route and the places of interest. Our luggage always arrived safely at the right place and on time.”

Andrew, Jocelyn and Janis, United kingdom, May 2017, The Green Heart of Holland


Kerkepad“Thank you for organizing such a beautiful visit.  Each day was really lovely, and we saw so much of your beautiful country.  Your directions were excellent, but it helped to have both the hand held maps and the GPX.  We only got lost once.  We were very lucky with the weather, obviously.  We like the Belvedere, and the Witte Brug was nice as well.  The Utrechtse Dom was functional, but its location was great.  Gouda is a pretty city, and we had time to see the St. John’s Church, whose stained glass windows were spectacular.  The Krimpenerwaard is a special place.  The birds were fantastic.  We never stopped enjoying seeing them.  I’ve never seen so many swans in my life.  All the little bird families were extremely cute.  Being in the polders is impressive, and one has a lot of admiration for the people who were able to create such wonderful land–back in the 1100s!  The houses and farms everywhere were picturesque and so well maintained and clean.  It was a pleasure walking through so many great places.  Thank you again for showing us such a beautiful part of it.  We thought you had  done a very thoughtful job in the way you planned all the hikes and put us on the prettiest routes.  Thank you for all the time and effort you took.  We hope Hike-in-Holland is enjoyed by many people. “

Ted, Washington DC, May 2017, The Green Heart of Holland

The old church in Delft“There are many companies providing cycling trips in the Netherlands, but there are limited choices if you are looking for a self-guided walking or hiking trip in Holland. Last year I booked a walking trip with Hike In Holland. They have several hikes of different durations and routes. Their services include booking hotels, transferring luggage, providing maps and directions including GPX files for smart phone GPS apps. The trip, Green Heart of Holland, was a success. They booked nice hotels in nice locations, walking directions and GPX files were accurate and easy to follow, and the routes were interesting and enjoyable. They were very responsive when I contacted them by email during the hike. This year I booked the Dunes and Towns hike, and again I was completely satisfied with the walk, the hotels and the guiding resources. I didn’t use their luggage service as I carry my own backpack. The GPX files are so accurate that this year I didn’t even use the printed turn-by-turn directions and paper maps after the first day, next year I’ll ask for a digital copy of the directions as a backup for the GPX files. Last year I used Locus Maps Pro, this year I used OsmAnd. I set them up for voice notifications for direction changes, and occasionally confirmed by looking at the map on the device (you do have to download the map of Zuid Holland for offline use). They guide you on foot paths, bike paths, sidewalks, only minimally on cycling paths along roads. I feel the company provides good value and good product, and am planning to hike another one of their routes next year. I highly recommend using a smartphone GPS app of your choice, with it you always know where you are. Set it in Airplane mode to save battery, location services work when the phone is in Airplane mode, and the battery lasts all day.”

  Alan, Ohio, April 2017, Ancient Towns and dunes

Lamm“We had a nice week, the weather was very good, the hotels too, the tour was very well organized. No blisters and no drop of rain !!! On the way we met some nice people,who were curious but further helped us in Cabauw: we got coffee in the parsonage, all the cafes were closed. The reception in the hotels was friendly and the suitcases were
on time at the next hotel. ” The youngest hiker of the group of 5 was 66 years old and the oldest 77 years!”


Annie, Germany, April 2017, The Green Heart of Holland



Spring in HollandFirst satisfied customer of the season 2017: “We enjoyed our walk in Holland and, as you say, we were pretty lucky with the weather. The accommodation everywhere was good. We were made to feel welcome and our luggage was there on our arrival. Breakfasts were good too. We enjoyed excellent meals in local restaurants. The instructions for the walk were very detailed and very helpful.” Chris form the United Kingdom, thank you so much for your kind words!

Christine, United Kingdom, April 2017, The Green Heart of Holland

 DSCN6821-klein“I did really enjoy this little hiking trip. A perfect way to fill in an unexpected free weekend in Holland. There was always something interesting to see like the architecture of the city and the many homes that line the route. I always knew it but the number of canals really brought home how wet The Netherlands are! I also liked very much the farms and farm animals I saw. The directions were quite clear and I made few mistakes which was good because my fitness is not so good and having to make a longer trip to get back to the correct path would have been very uncomfortable. An observation, not a complaint, the grass tracks were sometimes quite high with grass which in the damp weather made for wet feet which was not so good. The hotel was nice and comfortable. The food was ok for dinner and very good for breakfast. The lady serving breakfast was so nice and friendly, it made for a great start to the day. Thanks to you and the team for a really excellent time. I would recommend you highly to my friends and family.”

Stephen, Australia, Oktober 2016, In the Footsteps of humanist Erasmus

 “We enjoyed the hiking trip very much. The daily hikes are well selected and had a good length. My favorite hikes were day 4 and 5. The gpx files were very helpful. We didn’t use the maps or the booklets. We have done several hiking trips before and were never provided with gpx files by the other organizers.  We enjoyed staying at the small hotels in the Dutch towns and were very happy with all the rooms we stayed in. Due to the hot weather, AC’s in the rooms would have been nice but we understand that this is not so common. Our favorite place was Ijsselstein which we thought was a nice little town. We found an excellent Spanish restaurant close by (and also enjoyed the AC in the room to cool off after the heat). Luggage transport was flawless.”

Petra and Suraj, Switzerland, August 2016, The Green Heart of Holland

“Hello Team of Hike in Holland, we have had great hiking days, it was beautiful and we have had a lot of fun!”

Marion and Christoph, Germany, August 2016, Ancient towns and dunes


“We enjoyed this trip very much. The hotel was very nice, hotel location was exactly right, nice people, the room was clean and a tasty Breakfast Buffet.
The routes are beautiful and with lots of variation. The desciptions are clear. We only consulted the map only twice. Thank you for this trip.“

Tineke and Ger, Netherlands, August 2016Scheveningen; beach, sea, dunes and the city




“The routes were mostly very quiet and the view was always charming. The route descriptions were perfect,. The maps were perfect too. The hotels were really nice and charming. In Schoonhoven, it has a lot of personality, we really liked it. In Lekkerkerk, it was really nice too.  In Gouda, the room was smaller, but very close to the center, and there is much more to do and see in Gouda than in the previous towns, so it was fine. No other remark, except that this was unexpected, charming, and very enjoyable.”

Damien and Pauline, France, August 2016Polders and rivers

 Langs de Vlist
“Our week in the Green Heart was beautiful. Nice small towns, different types of accommodations and many spring green. Beautiful walks in an exuberant Dutch spring.”

Theo: Nederland, May 2016 about The Green Heart of Holland


Young swans
“We had a very enjoyable hiking holiday. Your maps and instructions were very good, your chosen routes were very enjoyable, the transferred baggage was always waiting for us at the hotel, and the weather was excellent. Altogether a memorable experience. Thank you”.

David and Micheline: Canada, May 2016 about The Green Heart of Holland


Beach and skies in Holland“We loved our trip – the itinerary was thoughtful, the route descriptions and maps were excellent, and the hotels were comfortable. Yes, we did have a couple of days of bad weather when we were walking along the North Sea, but we managed to find buses on the two occasions when we became soaked and too cold to continue (and we still got in 4 hours of walking on each day before we quit!). The maps you provided were perfect for the trails we were to follow.”

Naomi and Corey, Portland, United States, April 2016 about Ancient towns and dunes

Gate in Leiden

“I would like to thank you for all you did to make it such a pleasure. The hotels were clean, pleasant, and convenient; luggage transfers were handled flawlessly; maps and route descriptions were accurate and clear.  I think what I appreciated the very most was the planning that went into the route.  You did an amazing job of making sure each day was different and that we experienced the very finest and most interesting there was to see. The route worked extremely well.”

Corey and Naomi: Portland, United States, April 2016 about Ancient towns and Dunes


Pfad im grünen Herzen
“Rie, thank you for your help with this hike. This was a very pleasant and well organized hiking holiday. I enjoyed the routes you selected, your hotel choices were good. And you arranged for good weather half the time 😄”.

Allen:  Ohio, United States, April 2016 about The Green heart of Holland


Small road near Oudewater
 “The tour was pretty, the route descriptions are vey good. And the organization was also good. The
hiking paths are mostly asphalt, which is very hard on the length of track. But overall, it was much appreciated. Thank you!”

Anett und Heike: Germany, April 2016 about Polders and Rivers


House near Linschoten

“We are growing fond quickly of Dutch people and Dutch food”.

Michael with daugthers, California, United States, April 2016 about The Green heart of Holland