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About the Netherlands

We invite you to join us in discovering Holland’s beautiful landscape and its rich culture. Hike In Holland specializes in pleasant hiking trips which usually take multiple days. On these trips we combine Holland’s various natural areas with tours through impressive cities and picturesque villages. Hiking in Holland is not especially difficult, since most of the country is flat, but there’s plenty of diversity and an awful lot to see.

Nature’s diversity

Nature has a relaxing effect. You will enjoy the various landscapes, flora, and a large diversity in wildlife. On our trips we trek across the coastline, polder, farmlands, along rivers, and through cultural and historical towns. We will be seeing many birds, depending on the season, such as the silver heron, the stork, the spoonbill, falcons, buzzards, tomtits, goldfinches, pheasants and lots of waterfowl. Added to that you can spot hares, deer, foxes, and lots of endearing lambs, cows and other farm animals.

Rich histories

You will also get to know the rich history of the various cities in the western Netherlands. This includes, for example, the New Church in Delft, where the kings and queens of Holland are buried. You will find the Vredespaleis (Peace palace) in The Hague, the international law centre of the world, and visiting Rotterdam’s port is a definite must. You will discover the history of the Mayflower in Leiden, which is the ship in which the founding fathers sailed to America. Furthermore we highly recommend visiting one of the many famous museums that are in these cities, or taking a boat ride on the Dutch canals. During the walks you’ll pass through smaller towns and villages like Brielle which is still a fortress, Schoonhoven with its silversmiths, Wijk bij Duurstede with its castle and location on multiple rivers and many more.


We learned the art of making diverse, beautiful and challenging hiking routes by lots of experience in this area. A good night’s sleep and a free choice for dining are highly important to us as well. The only meal we arranged for you is the breakfast in the hotel. For lunch there are multiple possibilities; you can buy it in the hotel, in a store or in one of the many restaurants and cafés along the way. You can always dine in the hotel, but usually there are always multiple dining facilities nearby to choose from. We select the hotels on their location, comfortable beds and dining facilities. We transport your luggage for you with any arrangement which lasts longer than three days. All you will need is a backpack for the day.

Definite recommendation

The Netherlands are a must to visit every season. In autumn the colors are beautiful. In the winter you can enjoy the widest views. Spring brings you a lot of fresh green plants and young animals. In the summer you can marvel at the famous Dutch skies. Sometimes it does rain in Holland. We recommend you bring an umbrella and walking clothes fit for rainy weather. For the up-to-date weather in the Netherlands, check: