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New tour! All around Oudewater

We just added a new tour to our website, called All around Oudewater. It is a centred tour from a lovely hotel in the picturesque town center of Oudewater. We offer 5 different walks, varying between 12 and 16 kilometers, all through the polders of

Near Woerden

Green heart tour updated

A renewed hotel opened in the picturesque little town of Oudewater. It is a hotel that also employs people with special needs, which makes it all the more charming.  This was an opportunity for us to have a closer look at our Green heart tour

Amsterdam canal

Amsterdam differently tour updated

Amsterdam is a very popular tourist attraction, and rightly so. The old town is wonderful, and  the nature around it as well. However, because it is so busy, booking the right hotel for guests on our Amsterdam differently tour often is a challenge. Therefore, instead

Market Garden tour updatet!

Due to some changes in the hotels we had to redesign part of the route of our Market garden tours. This meant removing Bedaf as a stop and adding Uden. This gave us the possibility to add some rare nature areas between Bedaf and Uden

Fresh fruit for sale

Hike in Holland: Newsletter March 2021, full of walking inspirationf for 2021

Hike in Holland: Newsletter March 2021, full of walking inspirationf for 2021, fun facts about grebes and how do the people opf Hike in Holland hike themselves in these Corona times. Do  you want to read, more, please see the link below. Hike in Holland

Hike in Holland: Newsletter, December 2020, full of walking inspiration 2021

Newsletter Hike in Holland, December 2020 We tell you what we are doing in this strange period with Covid-19, we tell you about our new planns for new walkingholidays and about the birds in our garden.

Hike in Holland: Newsletter October 2020

Hike in Holland Newsletter October 2020 A letter full of hiking inspiration for walking in the Netherlands and something nice to know about Tansy.


Newsletter Hike in Holland, July 2020

  Newsletter Hike in Holland, July 2020 In this newsletter: The first hikers are back!, a beautiful new Storymap: about Market Garden, Work to do, a fun fact aboud the Ladybug and Covid-19 and Hike in Holland!

Covid-19 measures in the Netherlands

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic all travel to and in the Netherlands has been cancelled. We are keeping a close eye on the measures. When they are extended we will contact customers who have already booked in time. On the other hand, when the measures

Hike in Holland: newsletter February 2020, lots of hiking inspiration for the Netherlands

 Hereby the  newsletter of Hike in Holland, February 2020, lots of hiking inspiration for Holland, the Netherlands, read more: Newsletter Hike in Holland, February 2020