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Stichting Take Over Vereniging van Kleinschalige Reisorganisaties

All around Oudewater

5 days (5 nights)

5 days (5 nights) of relaxed walking in the Green Heart of Holland from the town of Oudewater

Through woods, along fens and across the heath

4 days (3 nights)

3 days of hiking and enjoying in the wonderful nature of Brabant

De Paauw estate

The estates of South-Holland

9 days (8 nights)

A week of relaxed hiking through and along the estates of South-Holland

Duinen bij Scheveningen

Scheveningen; beach, sea, dunes and the city

3 days and 3 nights

Walk through the surroundings of Scheveningen; on the beach, through the dunes, through parks, and in the city

View on the river Lek

Criss-cross through the Green Heart of Holland

4 days and 4 nights

Criss-Cross around Schoonhoven, 4 days walking across and around Schoonhoven

Delft Blue

Delft, City of Delft Blue

4 days and 4 nights

4 days of hiking in and around Delft

Amsterdam Canal

Amsterdam differently

2 to 4 days

Walking in and around Amsterdam. Along the canals, through the Amsterdam woods, along the river Amstel, and through nature area Het Twiske