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Liebe Kuh Voorjaarsbos Dünen an Hoek van Holland wilden Gänseblümchen grasspath in the Green Heart Spur mit Weiden

Hiking in Holland

Hike in Holland offers you self-guided hiking holidays in the Netherlands, which means hiking through the typical Dutch landscapes and the historical cities. Our routes vary between 17 and 21 km (except the shorter city walks). The hikes go through the polders, dunes, forests and cities like Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden and The Hague. In short, our hiking holidays offer the perfect opportunity to see the beauty of Holland. Come and be surprised.

Path in the dunes

Ancient towns and dunes

8 days

Walking through polders, along the coast and between Delft, Den Haag and Leiden

Dunes near Rockanje

Tour of Voorne

5 days

A walking tour on the wonderful island of Voorne

Cubic houses in Rotterdam

The city of Rotterdam

4 days

Two beautiful days with nature and two days with great cities Rotterdam and Delft