The new tour Delft city of Princes, is available from today! We are proud to bring you this new tour. In 4 days you’ll get to know the historical city of Delft and its surroundings. Hiking in and around this town is just marvelous. We offer a city walk in Delft, which shows you the canals, the churches and the history of the town. On other days we take you through the nature around the city which is divers. You can see the skies that painters like Vermeer painted for you, there’s wonderful open areas, woodland, marshes and lots of rare birds. Finally we take you through the city of The Hague, city of peace and justice, to the beach in Scheveningen. Distances are around 20 km (except the city walk in Delft, which is only 6 km). You’ll stay in a comfortable hotel in the centre of Delft, on a beautiful small square, where parking is free. The tour is priced at € 279,- per person, of booking for 2 persons (€ 408 when booking with 1 person). For more details on this site.