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Auf dem Weg zum Oudewater Tow path near Oudewater Lake near Reeuwijk Schafe Lane with willows

Witches and Syrupwaffles

  • Destination: Gouda and Oudewater
  • Kind of trip: Typical Dutch landscape: rivers, lakes and polders
  • Duration: 2 days (1 night)
  • Difficulty trip:
  • Inclusive: An overnight stay in a comfortabel 3 star hotel with breakfast, VAT, tourist tax, maps, English route directions, free parking, GPS track and a small contribution to Zuid Hollands Landschap (
  • Exclusive: The outward and homeward journey, parking fees, lunch, dinner, lugage transport and travel and cancellation insurance
  • Dog: Not allowed
  • Price:
    • Due to the high inflation, we unfortunately cannot give fixed prices. If the price is higher after booking, you have the possibility to cancel your trip. The prices quoted here are an approximation as good as possible.
    • € 125,- per person based on 2 people
    • € 175,- for 1 person
    • Are there more of you please contact Hike in Holland for pricing

During this unique tour you’ll walk from Oudewater to Gouda and back. Gouda is an old town with a picturesque old city center. Of course Gouda cheese and Gouda Syrup Waffles were invented here. The walks pass through different types of nature, like the lake area of the Reeuwijkse plassen, typical Dutch polders, along rivers, and through new nature, like the Hooge Boezem achter Haastrecht. You’ll walk on grass dikes along the water, small roads, and paths in the middel of nowhere. You’ll be able to spot many a bird, like egrets, herons, pheasants, lapwings cormorants, storks. The walk starts and ends in Oudewater. This is one of the towns involved in the foundation of Holland, and has an old city center, where you can still have yourself weighed to prove you’re not a witch. This was once the only official placein Holland to do this.


This tour takes you to some of the more special areas of the green heart of Holland. You’ll visit the Reeuwijkse Plassen, an area with 13 lakes, you’ll walk through the Hooge Boezem achter Haastrecht, a natural area, bustling with birds, and you’ll follow old grass paths through the polder, and along the river Hollandsche IJssel. You’ll meet many water fowl, meadow fowl. cows, sheep. On top of that, you get to visit the historical city of Gouda and the old town of Oudewater with its Witches Weigh House.

Day to Day

WIndmill near Haastrecht

The Mill in the national park : De Hoge boezem achter Haastrecht

Day 1 Oudewater – Gouda (20 km)

The route from Oudewater to Gouda takes you over grass embankments of rivers and canals, such as the Hollandsche IJssel and the Enkele and Dubbele Wiericke. When you exit the last embankment, you’ll walk into the Reeuwijkse Plassen, an area with 17 lakes and small roads in between them. Also you’ll see villa’s here that are guaranteed to make you jealous. Along a leafy canal with a picturesque little sluice you’ll enter the ancient city of Gouda. THere is still much to see here of the rich cultural history. There’s a rich amount of monumental buildings, a number of galerries with modern art and a lot of museums. Gouda has a compact city center, so everything is close together. Of course there’s time to enjoy the famous Gouda Cheese, or the just as famous Gouda Stroopwafels *Syrup waffles). You’ll sleep in a comfortable family hotel in the Gouda city center.
View on Oudewater


Day 2 Gouda – Oudewater (18 km)

The walk back starts along the river to the picturesque village of Haastrecht, which was founded around 1100. After having a look around in Haastrecht you’ll walk to the nature area “Hooge Boezem achter Haastrecht”. A wetland area with many birds, like herons, egrets, tree sparrows, reed buntings and many others, also depending on the season. When you walk in the polders later, you’ll see storks, pheasants and lapwings. We’ll walk along the Vlist river for a little while, and then we’ll follow a so called Tiendweg (tenth way, named after the taks farmers paid to the land owner for maintaining this road, which was a tenth of what the land delivered). This Tiendweg is an adventurous path, that will take you all the way into Oudewater, where you still have time to visit the witches weigh house (not officially operational anymore), after which you’ll travel home.

Advice for extension

This trip can easily be extended in Gouda. Gouda is a historical city with many monuments, museums, like the Muesum Gouda and the Museumharbour. Of course it’s famous for the cheese and syrup waffles, but there’s more to Gouda than that. If you need any advice, do not hesitate to email or call us.

Prices extension:
Town 2 persons 1 person
Gouda €90,- €140,-

Price is per person per night and includes breakfast and tourist taxes.


This offer is covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant’s.

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