Closing Sunday after three days, the 13th TourNatur 2015 showcased hiking as a new trend sport. Soaring in demand aren’t just high-altitude mountain tours anymore but increasingly also hikes through local mid-altitude uplands or destinations near cities, such as the Neander Valley or the Lower Rhine region. With 40,000 guests, this year’s TourNatur posted a correspondingly fantastic result. Says TourNatur director Stefan Koschke: “The trade fair was simply stunning; our guests’ interest in both traditional alpine and more exotic overseas destinations was huge. Providers of gear and hiking fashion reported excellent sales at their exhibition stands.” In particular, TourNatur’s move to Hall 4 and the resulting proximity to CARAVAN SALON brought highly interested, happy-to-spend hiking enthusiasts to the No. 1 Hiking and Trekking Trade Fair with its 275 exhibitors and brands. Many of the approximately 5,000 hiking destinations on display, such as the island of Réunion, featured their own presentations and were thus able to provide visitors with first-hand accounts of their mountain and hiking worlds at home.