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Win the walkingtour “Birdwatching in the floodplains” and get acquainted with Hike in Holland!

See! Your chance to get acquainted with Hike in Holland. Win a two days hiking arrangement “Birdwatching in the floodplains”. This short hiking vacation, takes you along the floodplains of the river Lek, along polder paths, and through beautiful wetlands between the old cities […]

Bike and walking exhibition 2015 in the RAI, Amsterdam

4 more nights and then and then starts the bike and walking exhibition. This exhibition starts at saturday 10.00 am until 17.00 pm in the RAI of Amsterdam. Sunday you have a second chance. The opening hours are the same as on saturday. Meet us […]

Fiets en Wandelbeurs in Amsterdam en Antwerpen

Zojuist heb ik Hike in Holland ingeschreven voor de fiets en wandelbeurs van 2015! In Amsterdam vindt die plaats op zaterdag 31 januari en zondag 1 februari. In Antwerpen wordt de beurs gehouden op zaterdag 28 februari en zondag 1 maart. Hou je een van […]

A new hike between IJsselstein and Schoonhoven

Almost there for a three days tour in the province of South Holland. The third day trip between IJsselstein and Schoonhoven is almost finished. Therefore here already an impression! [one_fourth] De kerk van IJsselstein The Church of IJsselstein Een landweg op weg naar Schoonhoven A […]