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Blumenmarkt in Delft Monument near the sea Wild mushrooms Scottish Highlander Dahlia Königspalast Canal in Leiden Path in the dunes Poders Poelgeest

Ancient towns and dunes

  • Destination: Delft, Den Haag, Katwijk, Lisse and Leiden
  • Kind of trip: You walk in the most quiet parts of the most busy part of Holland: the Randstad. You walk almost alone through te beautiful and suprinsing nature of Holland. And through te green parks of three acient cities
  • Duration: 8 days (7 nights)
  • Difficulty trip:
  • Inclusive: Seven overnight stays in comfortable 3 star hotels including breakfast, luggage transport, maps and English route directions, GPS track, free parking, VAT, tourist taxes, Guarantee Foundation, a coupon Royal Delft and a contribution to the Foundation for Zuid-Holland's landscape (
  • Exclusive: The journey to the first hotel and return home, lunch and dinner, travel- and cancellation Insurance
  • Dog: Not allowed
  • Price:
    • € 699,- per person booking by 2 persons (Surcharge for 2 weekend days luggage transport € 35,- per person)
    • € 1.069,- for 1 person (Surcharge for 2 weekend days luggage transport € 70,-)
    • If you have no need for luggage transport there is a discount of € 85,- pp when booking with 2 persons and € 170,- with a booking for 1 person. In that case you will be carrying your own luggage.
    • Are there more of you please contact Hike in Holland for pricing
    • In the week of Mai 1th 2021 until 8th Mai 2020 there is an extra surcharge of € 150,- in total for 2 persons and 1 person)

You will start in Delft and via The Hague and past dunes, forests, the cities of Leiden and Zoetermeer you will go back to Delft in eight days. In these days you will get familiar with Holland’s history and visit many interesting cities. In Delft our kings and queens are buried in the New Church. The Hague is the centre of governmental democracy and legal capital of the world with the Vredespaleis as its most important example. And then there is Leiden, which has the oldest university of the Netherlands. You will hike across the beach, through meadows, through polders, dunes and urban parks. You will experience the natural charm of vegetation and wildlife which changes with the four seasons. Spring brings you many flowers and other young plant life. In the summer nature is at its richest. The trees show their beautiful colors in the autumn. In the winter the sea is at its wildest and the views stretch the furthest. While walking you will enjoy Holland’s many birds, and you have a change of spotting a rare fox, deer or a Scottish Highlander.


This walk is a great combination of visiting some of the old cities of Holland, and visiting the fantastic nature surrounding these cities. The tour will take you through the historical cities of Delft and Leiden and straight through the heart of the Dutch democracy in The Hague. Between these cities you’ll walk through the dunes and along the coast, visit Lisse and surroundings, which in spring is famous for the flower bulbs (your walk passes very close by the famous Keukenhof). After Leiden, you’ll walk through typical Dutch polders and new nature back to Delft. That makes this tour a unique one, with every day a different type of scenery, and within one week, you’ll have seen many different faces of Holland.

Day to Day

Eastgate in Delft

The Eastgate in Delft

Day 1 Arrival in Delft

You arrive at your hotel in the heart of Delft’s centre, where you are able to park your car for free for the next days. Feel free to explore the city after you have settled in at the hotel. There are enough possibilities. You could for example pay a visit to the Prinsenhof museum or the Vermeer museum. On the other hand you might want to climb the stairs of the New Church and enjoy the view of Delft and its surroundings, or take a boat ride on the canals of Delft. If you would like to learn more about Delft’s porcelain, be sure to stop by the Porceleyne Fles.
Vredespaleis in Den Haag

The Peace Palace in The Hague

Day 2 Delft – Scheveningen (20 km)

On this day you walk to Scheveningen via the Rijn-Schie channel and the town centre of The Hague. Along this channel you will see the old and current trading activities that takes place here. Through the heart of our democracy, the Binnenhof, you will hike past the Vredespaleis and various old parks. Some of these parks look like an old estate, and others like a wild forest. Eventually we exit the parks and will arrive at the water of the North Sea. This is where your next hotel is. You will go to sleep with the sound of the sea in the background.
De duinen bij Katwijk

Beach at Katwijk

Day 3 Scheveningen – Noordwijk (20 km)

The second part of your trip goes through the dunes and over the beach. This diverse route takes you past various kind of dunes; patches of beach grass in the sand, large dunes, and parts of the dunes with low bushes and trees. The first part of this route we walk through Dunea’s (a water company) water-collection area. With some luck you might spot a deer, a Galloway cow or a Konik horse. This day starts at a beautiful neo-roman water tower, built in 1878 by the city architect of Leiden, Jan Willem Schaap. You walk through the dunes to the fishing village of Katwijk and then still through the beuatiful dunes to the more modern village and beach resort of Noordwijk, where you'll spend the night.

Not only tulps are growing near Lisse, also Dahlia's

Day 4 Noordwijk – Lisse (18 km)

This day you walk through the dunes and Noordwijk to Lisse. Noordwijk is where the Dutch soccer team usually trains for its international competitions. You will see dunes in various stages, but they are definitely different than the ones you saw yesterday, since they're much older. You will walk through a dune forest, but also through areas where the dunes are only covered by some beach grass. Then you'll walk through the polder and between fields of flower bulbs. Just before ending the walk you'll pass through the beautiful estate of the Keukenhofbos, which is a variation of woodlands and meadows. This will take you to the town of Lisse with it's small but picturesque town center.
Old house near Leiden

An old house near the ancient Rhine in Leiden

Day 5 Lisse – Leiden (20 km)

Today you will hike from Lisse to Leiden. The meadows are full of tulips in spring and full of dahlias in autumn. In other parts of the year there are beautiful views and wide stretches of grassland to marvel at. In the middle of the walk you'll enter the Huys te Warmont estate, a beautiful old estate with a renovated mansion. After that you'll walk through the protected village of Warmont with it's beautiful old houses. With a short detour through the new nature of Polders Poelgeest, the route will take you into the historical centre of Leiden at the end of this day’s hike. You could also stop by one of the many museums in Leiden, for example the Naturalis, which is the natural historical museum of biodiversity, or the National Museum of Antiquities.
Wild mushrooms

Mushrooms in Autumn

Day 6 Leiden – Zoetermeer (21 km)

This day is the longest hike in this program. You will walk through parks, polders, along the water and through the city of Leiden. You'll exit Leiden through the old town centre and then along an old waterway. This will take you through the nature area of the Vlietlanden, which is a variation of forests and lakes . You'll visit some typical Dutch polders, amongst which the round Meerpolder. Although this is the longest route it is the most diverse one as well. You might see a stork along the way. In the autumn you will enjoy many beautiful mushrooms and colorful trees. In spring there is a lot of green and many young birds, such as coots and grebes.
Park near Delft

Biesland forest between Delft and Zoetermeer

Day 7 Zoetermeer – Delft (17 km)

The last part of the hike takes you across a variety of parks, woods and meadows. Zoetermeer is what we in Holland call a “VINEX” location. Zoetermeer used to be a small village, but due to the fast growth of inhabitants of surrounding cities the government chose some locations in the 1980s to construct new houses much faster. And it shows. Zoetermeer consists mainly of newly built houses and streets, both beautiful and less beautiful ones. However, the many parks that were constructed make up for this contrast. Through these parks you leave Zoetermeer and head to the final destination, Delft. Before arriving there you'll walk through new nature where you may find many waterfowl and cattle, small streams, lakes, meadows and forest. In the end you'll find yourself back in the old town centre of Delft.
Delft Blue

Delft Blue

Day 8 City walk (6 km) and journey home

There is still a walk through Delft’s town centre left, if you are up to it. This walk takes you along most of Delft’s many highlights. Of course this includes both the Old and New Church. You will walk past canals and their trading facilities. We highly recommend having a drink at one of the cafés on the Markt or the Beestenmark. Having this drink outside is always possible due to the heated terraces. After you enjoyed this final walk it is time to make the journey home.

Advice for extension

This trip can be extended in several places. Scheveningen offers you everything that you need for a beach stay, a Boulevard, a beach, plenty of restaurants, etc. Noordwijk is well knowen for it’s flowerparade in April.. But it, has also  a charming beach. If the weather is nice you can easily relax a day on the beach. LIsse is especially worth extending in the Tulip season (march-may). When the Keukenhof is opened this is certainly worth a visit (Check on Keukenhof opened only 2 months per year). After Lisse you walk to Leiden. Leiden is one of the olders towns of Holland, and there’s lots of charming canals, monuments, museums to keep you busy for more than a day. When you finish your trip in Delft, this is also a good place to stay an extra day. Visit the Porceleyne Fles and see how Delft Blue is made, or climb the church tower (over a 100 meters), take a boat tour throug the canals or visit one of the many museums. Also is it very easy to visit Rotterdam from Delft, only 20 minutes by direct train and you are in de centre of Rotterdam. Even Amsterdam is easy to visit with a direct train (1 hour) from Delft. For more information, don’t hesitate to email us at or call us at +31(0)6 10135509 for personal advice.

Prices extension:
Town 2 persons 1 person
Delft  €75,-  €120,-
 Scheveningen  €55,-  €80,-
 Noordwijk  €75,-  €105,-
 Lisse  €90,-  €160,-
 Leiden  €55,-  €92,50
Zoetermeer €80,- €132,50

Price is per person per night and includes breakfast and tourism taxes.


This offer is covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant’s.

The STO guarantee only applies to European Community citizens.

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